Commercial Property Services

Howie, Kent & Co can advise clients on the potential for the alternative use of existing farm buildings and farm yards, including letting of buildings and storage areas. We are also able to market commercial property available to let through the available properties page on our website and other property portals.

Howie, Kent & Co have a long and successful track record working with rural landlords to provide professional, personable and dedicated commercial property services,  no matter the size of the buildings or the size of your site.

To help us achieve our goals for our clients we have expanded our team;

Jon Bartlett and Sarah Thurmer are available work with you to maximise your commercial potential on site. By expanding the team, we have also been able to expand the services we provide.  We would welcome the opportunity to visit your site in order to review your commercial property options and to discuss our services which include rent reviews for existing let properties.

Our commercial lettings service includes the following:

  • Inspection of property and market appraisal
  • Advertising of property on our website, Rightmove, Gumtree and social media
  • Receiving tenant enquiries and forwarding to landlord to conduct own viewings
  • Negotiating rent and terms of tenancy / licence.
  • It is the landlord’s (or their solicitor’s) responsibility to put in place the legal documentation for a tenancy / licence agreement.

We can also document the lease for a commercial agreement for an additional fee of £350 + VAT.

Our rent review service includes the following:

We can also document the lease for a commercial agreement for an additional fee of £350 + VAT.

The service

Howie Kent & Co are pleased to offer a Rent Review service for landlords seeking to review their rental income lease arrangements on commercial property.

The commercial property market can move significantly within a short space of time and with lease arrangements generally lasting for years, it is very easy for commercial rents to no longer reflect the actual current market.

It is a very common situation for individual lease arrangements or entire estate commercial properties to become out of step with the prevailing market conditions.  Our rent review service aims to provide landlords with independent verification of their commercial property rental values and an independent resource available to renegotiate new rents and lease agreements with tenants.


Rent reviews can be very contentious issues with tenants rarely welcoming an increase in their overheads, even if the prevailing market conditions dictate that as the only sensible option.  At Howie Kent & Co we recognise the problems associated with negotiating the difficult path to agreeing an alteration in rent, from the perspective of both the landlord and the tenant.

Our approach to rent reviews is very different from most others.

We would not advocate the idea of simply notifying a tenant of changes in their rent or lease agreements by an email or letter.  We always take a pragmatic approach and would always prefer to meet in person with tenants to advise them of the rental changes and, most importantly, explain to them in person why the rent is changing and the reason for the current market valuation.

As an independent review service we can offer both the landlord and the tenant assurance that what is negotiated is fair and reasonable, without prejudice, and in line with the prevailing market conditions.

We have found that the personal approach and working directly with tenants and landlords provides the best possible outcome for all parties.  If approached sensibly and professionally the rent review process does not have to be a contentious issue and we pride ourselves on making that happen for our clients.


Letting only | One month’s rent plus VAT
Document the lease for a commercial agreement | £350 plus VAT
Document the lease renewal for a commercial agreement | £250 plus VAT


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