Boda’s Birthday

Our office dog Boda is celebrating her 2nd birthday today, and in the office with us for bring your dog to work day 2019. Happy birthday Boda from the rest of the team!

Rural cottages – are you complying with new legislation?

The Tenant Fees Act takes effect from 1st June 2019. What does this mean for you and any let properties you have? Are your houses complying with legislation or are you exposing yourself to financial penalties? The Tenant Fees Act will affect all new tenancies from 1st June 2019 and all existing tenancies from 1st […]

Passive income and diversification

As a farmer, you derive an income from using land. As a landowner, you derive an income from owning land which has the ability to provide an income from its use. If you are fortunate enough to be an owner occupier, you will have the benefit of deriving an income in both respects. This may […]

Solar is back!

After 18 months of a lot of noise and discussion by solar developers, it is clear that the development of large-scale solar is once again economically viable. Instead of going into the specifics of why they are again viable, it is more appropriate to cover why some sites will be of interest and others won’t. […]

Leasehold Property

According to Propertymark research 94% of homeowners regretted buying a leasehold property. Having owned a leasehold property myself and worked as a property manager managing residential blocks, I can understand why this figure is so high. One of the most common problems amongst  leaseholders is a lack of basic understanding of how a leasehold property […]

Is your land at risk?

We recently reviewed the status of protection a client has from the formation of new footpaths over their land. This protection is achieved via section 31(6) of the Highways Act 1980. Section 31(6) enables a landowner to deposit a statement accompanied with a map, followed by a declaration, with their local council, acknowledging any existing […]

Rent reviews – or not?

September has come and gone and with it, the passing of Michaelmas Day on 29th September. This is the term date for most arable tenancies, whilst Lady Day on 25th March is often the term date for grass-based livestock tenancies. These dates represent decisions that need to be made by both landlords and tenants. The […]

Are you charged?

In 15 years’ time, Britain’s road will look very different from today. Every now and then you may see a new electric vehicle (EV) on the road and for those that own them, they are no fashion or fad. In fact, last year of the 720,000 new cars registered on the road in the UK, […]

Renewable revolution is not dead

Ten years ago, almost no power was produced by renewables (apart from hydro-electricity) and today it is nearly 25% of national generation. It is a remarkable feat that this country has managed to reach this milestone. In April this year, the UK operated for three days in a row without coal power, something that hasn’t […]

Wake up and smell the coffee

For those of us in the farming industry, we may have preferred Mr Gove to take a more actively aggressive stance on food security and maybe not one that appears to be leaning strongly towards subsidies for enhanced environmental management. However, this is how he is leaning and there is no point kidding ourselves in […]

What rights do utility companies have over your land?

Utility companies need to move power, water and gas around the country for the benefit of us all and they do so predominantly over farmland. For the majority of the time, these often-unsightly pieces of national or local infrastructure go unnoticed. However, issues can arise when they affect plans for development or extensions to farm […]